It must be ten years since I published a book; and that is quite slack of me.  I don’t like letting a piece of work go unless and until I am satisfied with it.  You will be glad to hear that I have been working on Between the Shafts, but not very quickly or efficiently. Writing in the second person is experimental, to say the least; and I am finding that the second person narrator is often answered back by an infuriated protagonist, so that there emerges a dialogue.  That was not intended.  We shall see what comes of it all.

In turning over a new leaf, I decided to paginate and print out what I have done so far, pathetic effort though it is.  It comes to 30,000 words so far, with very little beginning and only the outline of an ending.

I will let you know what emerges from my efforts this time next week.  It may not be much.  I might even post some snippets to see what you think.