Myrna Combellack – Bibliography

Bibliography of Dr Myrna Croome (formerly Harris).  Pen name also Myrna Combellack



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A Fine Place:  The Cornish Estate  (novel)  Cornish Fiction, 2002

The Permanent History of Penaluna’s Van  (novel)  Cornish Fiction, 2003

Cuts in the Face   (novella and short stories)  Cornish Fiction, 2004

The Mistress of Grammar (novella and short story)  Cornish Fiction, 2005

A Place to Stay: the Cornish Bypass (novel)  Cornish Fiction, 2007

Articles and short pieces

“Crematorium”  (poem)  The Cornish Review, Winter, 1974,  no.27

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Beunans Meriasek – a critical edition,  Leeds Texts and Monographs Series.  Text agreed and awaiting production

Unprinted, performed work

“A Scholar’s Prayer”  (song, with Jean Yeandell) sung as a test piece for Choirboy of the Year contest, Bristol 1988 and for the Cornish Eisteddfod, May 1989

Incomplete work

The Mystery of Pleasance Cove, trans. of Le Mystere de Plaisaince Cove, by Royce Kendall, for Presses des Oeuvres Litteraires